Captain – Chris grew up in a family passionate with yachting. He grow up on a decks of ribs and yachts and in early age he got his captain license. He has an experience of more than 15 years and many hours in cruising even with the worst weather conditions. 

Chris motto is safety first with fun being a very close second! He loves to share his passion for yachting with everyone and the stories and experiences he has gained through his expansive travels are noteworthy. He is a water baby with license in free style diving, 2nd level up to 18m and he will jump at any opportunity to explore the deep blue of Aegean sea with you up close and personal. There will most definitely not be any dull moments with Chris as he is full of the surprises as the paradise has to offer. 

Hostess/Chef - Roy will always greet you with a genuine smile as she is genuinely happy to be serving you and making you feel comfortable. She is a passionate chef always aiming for the satisfaction of yummy food noises coming from the table.

Growing up in Greek islands, she spent countless fun times on boats and enjoying water sports. In 2009 she got captains license, since then she gain a lot of experience in cruising.

Her passion is history, she will be able to answer all your questions about Greek history and Mythology and will be glide to guide you to the island of Delos and show you all the sightseeing.


Chris and Roy pride themselves in their ability to devise the perfect trip that you are looking for and no trip will be the same!