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Luxury Island Hopping

Mykonos5 DaysCruise

A Unique, Unforgettable Experience.

The best and most luxurious way to visit Cyclades complex of islands starting your journey from the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos.

Strongly recommended tour!


Embarkation 10:00 or 11:00 am from Tourlos port or Ornos bay


First stop: Rhenia the private paradise with remote beaches blue-green waters to enjoy 30 minutes after the beginning of our journey.


Second stop: Delos the island where you can feel the energy from the most historical place with a history of 2500-year-old. The island was the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis 2 of the Greek gods. Walk for 1 hour or more on the island to see all the ruins and if you want to hire a professional guide (we can arrange that for you). the price for the entrance at the archeologically place is 12€ per person.

Third stop Paros: Naousa-Kolimpithres place with green shallow waters and amazing beaches.


Night 1:  At Naousa small traditional port where you can enjoy the unique taverns of Paros, and the small stores, or anchor to a remote Monastiri bay and enjoy the lagoon-like waters first thing in the morning. Picturesque alleys and the Venetian castle on the beach, illuminated at night, add a magical note to the scenery, in combination with the marina and the small and big boats, and the fishing boats.


Distance covered 25 miles approximately 1 hour.


After breakfast, we will depart from Paros for Schoinoussa island which belongs to the complex of Small Cyclades, and it is located in the south part of Naxos.

First stop: Tsigouri beach in Schoinoussa, is an excellent choice for swimming combined with seafood at the local traditional tavern.

Distance covered 27 miles approximately 1:10 hours


Second stop: Kato Koufonisi. Relax and enjoy the peaceful landscape, to a fishermen’s village. Kato Koufonissi is uninhabited, as far as a permanent population is concerned.
However, it is common for several people to take refuge there so as to experience nature in all its grandeur.
Covered 8 miles approximately 25 minutes


Night 2: Ano Koufonisi is the place where you will spend your night to a small marina or by anchoring at the small bay of Pori.


Amorgos will be the destination for the 3rd day on the island that the deep blue movie takes place. The reason that so many scenes of the movie take place here is that the filmmaker Luc Besson finds and is inspired by the virgin beauty of the island.

Here you have to visit the monastery of Hozoviotissa with an amazing view of the sea. A walk to the Chora of Amorgos will be unforgettable.


Distance covered 15 miles approximately 40 minutes.


Night 3: At Katapola port of Amorgos


We will depart from Amorgos to a much more cosmopolitan destination the island of Santorini.

Santorini is one of the few Greek destinations which attracted scholarly interest from very early on. The history of our planet, spanning hundreds of thousands of years, has left its indelible markings on its Caldera. Amazing view from almost every spot. Unforgettable sunset. The ultimate destination for romantic people. The Caldera spans all three islands in a striking display of nature at its best. A spectrum of white, red, and black shades is dispersed in panoramic dimensions only to reunite creating a dramatic, yet astonishing sight.

Distance covered 42 miles approximately 1:50 hours. Total miles covered from Mykonos 117 miles.

Night 4: At the port of Santorini.


Cruise back to Mykonos.

*Optional you can come back to our base at Mykonos making at the way back 2 stops.

First at Ios and then at Antiparos.

Total miles covered from Mykonos and back to Mykonos 191 miles.

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