Mykonos – Antiparos

CD Yachting Mykonos offers you a VIP transfer from Island to Island. Can you imagine a better way to visit the Greek Islands? We offer the most luxury way to move, for you and your friends or Family. Relax at the Deck or the salon of the yacht enjoying your drink and the amazing view. Before you even know it, we will be at your destination.

Distance covered 35 miles

Approximately 1:35 minutes


Antiparos is a whitewashed ensemble bathed in bold brushstrokes, in the clear blue Aegean Sea. It is a historic place. Monuments and symbols speak to us of the figures that lived on the island, creators of the unique Cycladic Civilization. Now days, thousands of tourists visit our island to admire one of the most beautiful and most ancient caves in the world, the archaeological sites, the amazing views found scattered in every corner of our island, the beautiful and clean beaches, the picturesque flagstone-paved lanes, the fresh fish