3 Days 3 Nights Cruise

Mykonos - Paros-
Koufonisia - Sxinousa -
Maganari - Santorini -
Antiparos - Reineia

The best and most luxurious way to visit Mykonos and the Cyclades complex of islands.

Unforgettable experience!

Mykonos-Paros-Koufonisia-Sxinousa-Maganari-Santorini-Antiparos-Reineia 3 Days Cruise

Embarkation 10:00 or 11:00 am from Tourlos port or Ornos bay

First stop: Rhinia the private paradise with blue-green waters to enjoy.

Second stop: Delos the island where you can feel the energy from the most historical place with a history of 2500-year-old. Walk for 1 hour on the island to see all the ruins and if you want to hire a professional guide (we can arrange that for you).

Third stop: Naousa-Kolimpithres place with green shallow waters and amazing beaches.

Night 1:  At Naousa where you can enjoy the unique taverns of Paros and the small stores.

Distance covered 25 miles about 1 hour

Departure and destination

After breakfast, we will departure from Paros for pano Koufonisi island.

First stop: Finikas bay. Nice clean waters at a fishermen’s village where you can enjoy the fresh fish at the local’s seaside taverns.

Second stop: Schoinoussa at the beach of Tsigouri. Relax and enjoy the peaceful landscape.

Night 2: At Schoinoussa. This small paradise belongs to the complex of small Cyclades

Distance covered 43 miles about 1,45 hours (total distance from Mykonos 68 miles)

Departure and destination

We will leave behind us the Schoinoussa Island

First stop:  Maganari the most beautiful beach of Ios island. Calm green waters are waiting for you. Relax and enjoy the sun. the beach is only 20 meters from our anchoring spots. Here you can find two taverns with local foods. The complex of beaches is one of the kind with one big and many small.

Final destination:

Santorini and the Amoudi Bay. Enjoy the landscape that the volcano creates. See also the villages that are at the end of the awkward. Later relax get a drink and enjoy the sunset that makes people from all over the world come to Santorini just to enjoy it.

Night 3: Mooring at Santorini.

Distance covered 56 miles about 2,10 hours (total distance from Mykonos 99 miles)

Optional: At the way back we can make a stop at the small traditional port of Antiparos.

Back to Mykonos total distance covered 176,3 miles.