Mykonos – Syros


Siros the capital of the Cyclades complex.

The land covers 102,4 m2 and the population is about 21500 people and it is the capital of the Cyclades islands complex.

Distance covered 19 miles

Approximately 50 minutes


Siros has nice restaurants, coffee shops, and the casino. try it, it might be your lucky day… you can also see the small traditional villages which are located around the port. You can also visit the Apollo theatre and the cave of Feredikes. Feredikis was an ancient philosopher who lived in that cave.

Siros has a lot of nice beaches like Kini, Ahladi, Aetos, Agathopes, Armeos, Avlaki, Galissas, etc. You can also have a lot of different activities such as walking and water activities. At the town, there is also a casino. A nice suggestion is to visit the Ferekidis cave. You have to visit Ermoupolis the capital of the island with a lot of nice coffee shops and traditional Greek taverns.