Mykonos – Tinos


Tinos island is the 4th biggest island at the Cyclades complex of islands after Naxos Andros and Paros. The land covers 194,5 m2 and the population is about 8500 people.

The muse of the Aegean Sea as many people called this island offers to the guest’s golden beaches and plenty of relaxing. You can enjoy the landscape of it with trekking, hiking, mountain bike, bouldering, etc.

Distance covered 17 miles

Approximately 45 minutes


Tinos has an artist nature. Famous marble artists like Halepas became very famous to all the world, and also the marble from Tinos has decorated the Bainham palace and the louvres museum.

Some of the villages of the island are Panormos, Mirsini, Smardakito. Also, famous beaches are Apigania, Isternia, Paxia Ammos.

During your stay, you can see the famous church of “Panagia tis Tinou” and the museum of the local artists

Time to spread your wings with a special muse, the Aegean island of Tinos. Carpets of golden sands lace the coasts and spring waters create oases between its rugged mountainsides.

The locals work with such zeal to honor their little paradise that every village is a masterpiece, with a genuinely warm welcome awaiting you in each.  Also, the villages of Tinos are very interesting. Walking through them will leave you speechless! They are more than 45, all beautiful with original traditional Cycladic elements. It seems that time has stopped, so you can meet the real Cyclades, filled with light, blue, colors and sun.

The visitor’s first impression when looking at Chora is that its urban elements are more than its insular identity. But it’s wrong! The city “holds” well-kept secrets. Finally take the old road leading to Megalochari (the church of Virgin Mary), a paved pedestrian road full of little shops constructed in the middle of the 19th century.